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the JAGUARS AI Project by MJ, first cannabis AI coin

Why did MJ start building an AI ? What is the jaguar AI ?

Building a review system is not easy. Building the right tool with the right elements is just the beginning, but the hardest part is not the technology. The hardest part is engaging participation.

How to convince people to spend time working on a review ? Creating a review is time consuming and requires knowledge and confidence in this knowledge. In the cannabis industry it has been difficult to find people with enough knowledge to be able to create a good review and also to feel confident enough to do so.

Those who have the skills for reviewing products very often create their own blogging tool and those who might have the skills may not feel confident enough to share their opinion. Finding people to commit to input accurate product data is also extremely difficult, it requires time and dedication. Creating a review can be a mundane task and few people have the patience and the time to go through inputting all of the product data.

How could MJ create a fast and easy way for people to create a review without inputting label data by hand ? A simple review shortcut ?

MJ started with the idea of importing all cannabis products information directly inside our tool and creating a quick review button. MJ V2.0 released recently on the app stores has achieved this goal and will continue to be improved. Even though we have added many products, MJ desires a way to increase participation. As the MJ community grows, the MJ AI improves.  To make this possible, MJ created a new tool based upon brand recognition. MJ jaguar AI was born.

Jaguar AI is a brand recognition system that extracts all data from cannabis labels on a product picture and inputs that data into the MJ product cards automatically. All the elements of the reviews are in place in one simple moment. No longer is there a need for the user to input product data by hand. The user has only to take a picture, add his or her ratings, experience and purchase location. This is making the process of reviewing easy and fast, allowing more people to participate.

How does it work ? Brand recognition AI, computer vision AI 

Using neural networks and a set of cannabis picture data from various brands, Jaguar AI is able to determine which part of the packaging represents the brand name, strain name and other valuable information directly from a photo. The Jaguars AI tests the picture against the existing data set and then tags info to the photo. MJ has already been building a brand recognition AI.

Datasets are large collections of digital information that are used to train an AI. Due to their scale and complexity, these collections can be very challenging to build and refine. MJ needs its data set to be the most accurate possible for the brand recognition artificial intelligence to be the most reliable. Using pre-trained computer vision convolutional neural networks (CNN), MJ was able to tailor the model to cannabis needs and attributes, in order to determine which elements represent which category on a label, within a photo. MJ jaguar AI has already been able to gather and label more than 5000 brand photos that are actively contributing to the brand recognition AI. As additional brand photos are added to the MJ Jaguars AI data set, the Jaguar AI becomes more powerful.

Introducing Jaguar coins, the first ever cannabis AI coin.

The MJ AI derives its value from the cumulative datasets created by the MJ community participation. The MJ community creates extremely valuable data via posting products and reviews. We are aware that it requires effort to participate on the MJ platform. For this reason, MJ has decided to share the value created by its members. As it grows stronger and better MJ wants to give back to its community.

MJ decided to create a coin on the Ethereum (ETH) chain that represents the Jaguars AI and give this coin back to the people that helped make this possible through an airdrop. This token is a valueless coin used for MJ decentralized governance.

The community of MJ users will receive Jaguars coins to reward them for their data participation. As MJ monetizes the data the value generated by the AI will be distributed to holders of the Jaguar coins.

How do users participate and collect jaguars coins?

Participating in MJ is the only way to get some jaguars. Only 710.000 jaguars will ever be created and will be airdropped to the MJ community according to their respective contributions. Perfect reviews credits one full Jaguar to your profile. Jaguars coins will be airdropped in 365 days after the start of the Jaguars liquidity event. This event will be announced on the website. Instead of providing liquidity with digital currency you will provide liquidity through data participation. After the start of this new MJ data liquidity event. A snapshot of your profile participation will be taken every day during 365 days. 

MJ has created a score system that allows us to assign credibility to a user according to the quality and the frequency of this participation. A 100 score means that you are a true MJ supporter. The MJ score will be the element determining your Jaguars allocation.

10 key elements are needed for review to be perfect. The review needs a picture, a strain name, a grower or processor identification. A dispensary name and location and of course some ratings, terpenes and Cannabinoids levels. Flavor details and a caption are as well needed for it to be 100% perfect. If the review contains all those elements, 1 jaguar is attributed to the user profile.

What can be done with the AI ? How can Jaguars coin generate revenues ?

Many things can be done with the Jaguar AI. One example that comes to mind would be the creation of a brand influence valuation system. Since the MJ Jaguar AI can recognize cannabis branding among large sets of pictures and determine which brand and strain name are present,  it could be used to track brands online. It could be used to assess the power of your brand influence on various social media networks.

eg : As a brand, if one of your customer posts a picture of your products on social media without tagging you, Jaguar AI can still make use of it via scanning any social media for your label via our image recognition system and find out what is the sentiment of people about this brand via analyzing the cloud of words on the picture.

The jaguar AI could as well be used to create a “SKU” tracking in a shop system that works cross border, without any common inventory system needed.

Want to help ? reach out to us. Want to have access to one in a lifetime opportunity to own an AI in the cannabis industry ? Go on MJ and start reviewing and Stay tuned for the exact start date of the data mining event !